Opening Your Day With Positivity

Being an Intern at Shecosystem I found out pretty quickly the importance of taking time during the workday to honour one’s body and mind. Shecosystem is like no other coworking space in Toronto. As a 21-year-old intern, I am constantly thinking of what I can learn, how I can improve, and implement new strategies into my internship.

Many interns my age also have these thoughts racing through their head every day. Luckily for me, I got the opportunity to intern at Shecosystem. Emily, the founder and Chief Community Cultivator of Shecosystem mentioned to me that at 10:00 AM, every morning at Shecosystem we do something particularly different. Something that other coworking spaces don’t do: we have an Opening Circle. It’s a time to gather in the Studio and check in with ourselves and connect with the community before we get back into our work. During this time we take a moment to reflect on our five senses: this might include breathing exercises, picking a reflection card, or getting into our bodies with a self-expression dance. The limit is endless when it comes to possibilities for opening circle!

The positive impact it makes on the rest of the day is amazing:

– Taking just 20 minutes in the morning to clear the mind of any negativity allows me to focus on my work for the rest of the day.

-This is also a way we get to know the members, unlike the conventional cubicle office where you’re sitting at a desk without interaction with other colleagues.

-Opening Circle gives guests the time to acknowledge that our life does intertwine with work.

-Members get a chance to see each others’ personality, give support, and uplift each other.

For instance, today at Opening Circle Emily played us a song about water. This resonated deeply with me. For the past few days in Opening Circle I’ve randomly pulled out reflection cards that keep telling me to spend some time near water. As the song played, I began to express myself with dance. My mind drifted away to the trip I took to Mexico a few months ago. I started moving as if the tides were hitting my back and then pulling me in. It was astonishing, the deeper I got into the music the more vivid my memory became, to the point where I was able to even smell the salt water and recall the feeling of stepping on wet sand. During these sessions we all experience something different, we are listening to our soul and giving it exactly what it needs. It is truly a deeper connection with oneself.

After Opening Circle is over, members are much more comfortable with each other.  This is also a way to network with others within Shecosystem. I can personally say that after our Opening Circle season my mind is no longer foggy, I’m much more focused on my work, and coffee is not needed. These circles we offer are not mandatory, but many of our colleagues make an effort to come in at 10AM so they can start their day off with this moment of intention.

At the end of the day the community gets together again for a Closing Circle. This is a time to reflect on how the day went. Even after my internship is finished, I want to continue taking time out in the morning to do something similar to an opening circle. There are so many benefits to this and I’m excited to share this idea with my friends and family.  


Want to experience Shecosystem’s Opening Circles? Book a free tour any morning and join our community to set your intentions for the workday!


Christina Melaku is a fourth year student at Michigan State University, studying Economics and International Relations. Her interest in entrepreneurship has landed her here at Shecosystem as a intern for the summer of 2017. Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of running a business. Christina’s post undergrad plan includes continuing her education through a MBA program and launching her online business.