Shecosystem Shout Outs


“I have been feeling stuck personally and professionally, overwhelmed by volume and underwhelmed by subject matter, bored, lonely, you name it. I had hoped that a week in a new environment would help shift my energy and boy, did it ever. In fact, I would say my first week here was absolutely transformative. Just take a look at my timesheets from last week and this week – my productivity more than doubled! And not only did I work more, but I spent more quality time with my daughter, exercised and took time for self-care.”

– Amanda

“The space at Shecosystem is imbued with the expansive, transparent, joyful energy I intend to infuse into my events. Everywhere you turn there is beauty and something blooming. Energy cannot be faked, and Shecosystem is the real deal. Light filled, warm and welcoming, my guests could not stop raving.”

– Alyssa

“After a decade of working from home, I finally found myself on Sunday nights not having the “ugh work tomorrow” feels and instead I was really motivated. The improvements in mood and productivity increased almost overnight. When I tell people I work in coworking spaces they ask about “affording it.” My answer: “I can’t afford NOT to.” Enhanced work productivity, accountability and focus, more joy, meeting new people, learning new things outside my area of expertise and a great sense of community. Worth every penny.”

– Heather

Lisa Kelly,
Admin Guru

When I learned of Emily her starting up a Coworking and Wellness meetup in the Fall of 2015, I was so excited and I couldn’t get to the first one soon enough! She was offering something I’d been looking for, but instead I was working from cafés all over the city so that I wouldn’t feel isolated working from home. I was missing the ‘team environment’ and I was missing the like-mindedness. Emily’s values (health, feminism, spirituality, community, nature – to name a few) match all of what I truly value – and need in my world. And so does her tribe, which in turn has opened me up to connecting with so many more in my tribe! Shecosystem nurtures our feminine energy – empowering us to work in alignment with our authentic selves so that we can cultivate our purpose.

Or Har Gil,
Or Har-Gil Art Therapist, The Arterie Collective

Shecosystem came into my life at exactly the right time. I had just started out on my own and was feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and unsure about how to get my message out there. From the first meet up I attended, I immediately felt embraced by Emily and the other women. Everyone talks about “finding your tribe”, which can feel like an empty phrase. I truly feel like I’ve found my tribe at Shecosystem. This group of women brings diverse experience and knowledge to the table, which they share generously and warmly. They are supportive in any way they can be – from attending a workshop I’ve led to sharing it with others to helping me brainstorm a new idea. Being a Wellness facilitator at the meet up gave me an opportunity to share what I do with others and led to an opportunity to be a presenter at the Thrive Summit, organized by two of the members, Leigh Mitchell and Sperry Bilyea. As a result of being part of Thrive, I received 2 new client inquiries, made several valuable professional connections for future collaboration, and increased my social media following. I have gotten at least 3 new workshop participants directly from Shecosystem member referrals. Emily, thank you for making a meaningful impact in my life and business! I’m so honoured to be part of Shecosystem and look forward to celebrating many milestones together! Emily is a true leader. She leads by example, being her authentic and vulnerable self rather than the idealized (and impossible) version of a leader we often see. She is a connecter who creates a warm and safe atmosphere for meaningful connections. She brings humour, play, warmth, and courage to every interaction.

Heather Briggs,
Radiate Real

“I’ve been looking for a long time to find a great group of female entrepreneurs to connect and grow my business with. Shecosystem is a special group of heart-centred and holistic women that have quickly become a part of my extended business family! From the conversations to the connections, to the indescribable magic, I’m happy to be a part of this network of amazing female entrepreneurs.”