What is Shecosystem?

Imagine if feminine values and sensibilities were an asset rather than a liability in the working world.


Imagine if succeeding as an entrepreneur didn’t mean compromising your holistic wellbeing.


Imagine a place where feminist entrepreneurs could connect with a supportive sisterhood – not at a networking event, but every day.


Shecosystem is a coworking environment where the feminine thrives.


From 2015-2018, Shecosystem was more than shared desks. It was our work-life space.


We know that people – and their businesses – thrive when they are consciously connected with their bodies, minds, emotions, and with an authentic and supportive community. At Shecosystem people of all genders connected with a supportive sisterhood, professional resources, and a wellness-focussed feminist workplace where they could cultivate your authentic purpose and change the world.


Together, we are evolving a feminine paradigm for the working world.

Our Mission

A work-life space where women and feminists of all genders thrive by connecting with community, honouring the feminine, and making self-care part of their business strategy.

Our Core Values


Openness guides our design and the interactions between members and the ecosystem around us. We embrace the unknown and remain receptive to feedback. We keep an open mind and heart, and consider ideas from outside the dominant paradigm. An attitude of openness cultivates compassion and trust.


Collaboration values integration and wholeness over competition and hierarchy: this is how natural systems become abundant and resilient. When we work together to “get to yes” we come up with creative ways to meet everyone’s needs.


Accessibility strives for equitable access to power for all. Success in business is accessible when we can work on our own terms, in a safe and inclusive space that is designed for and by us. Each of us possesses a wealth of inner resources that we can access when we learn to tune in and value this feminine capital.


Community community provides a sense of belonging and unites us through shared values. Rather than imposing a structure upon a group of people, the community gives rise to a structure that fits its shape. We aim to be a circle, not a pyramid. When we thrive, we reinvest in our communities.


Sustainability includes but goes beyond the ecological dimension. We prevent depletion by nurturing our personal and professional resources and honouring cycles. Maintaining a mindset of abundance means that we can all sustain our businesses: there is enough for all.


Wellness cannot be compromised along the entrepreneurial journey. We support seven dimensions of self care: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, financial and environmental. Making time for wellness is not a break from work, it is a part of our business strategy.


Feminism strives to do away with barriers to the full and diverse expression of feminine power. We unite and galvanize to discard old stereotypes, challenge structural inequities that limit our potential, and raise the status of the feminine in the working world.


Shecosystem’s founding principles


  • Caring for and engaging the whole self leads to increased productivity and overall wellbeing.
  • When women and groups that have experienced marginalization galvanize, they create positive change for themselves and their communities.
  • Collaboration is stronger than competition. The paradigm of competition, fragmentation and hierarchical leadership no longer serve us. A more interdependent and collaborative society is the only way toward a more sustainable future.
  • Women, transgender and non-binary people deserve a workspace and culture that celebrate, values, and inspires them to be their best.

You are part of the Shecosystem if you


  • Are looking for a safe and all-embracing space where you can work in integrity and show up in an emotionally authentic way
  • Recognize that your business will only thrive if you take care of your holistic wellbeing
  • Believe that growth can arise from serendipitous connections, and love to share your success – and vulnerability – with like-minded others
  • Want to connect with your tribe or host your events in a purpose-designed hub
  • Are ready to invest not only in your own business, but in the future of feminist entrepreneurship