A thriving Shecosystem is made up of diverse individuals and organizations in a network of relationships that nourish us all. We’re proud to call the following organizations our partners and allies, and we’re grateful for the support they offer our members.


More info on partners coming soon.


Shecosystem is all about community, and we would be nowhere without the support of the mentors, advisors, and friends who have offered their time and presence because they believe in this vision. Whether you have collaborated with Shecosystem to serve as a mentor or wellness facilitator at our events, given professional advice or simply held space for this journey to unfold, THANK YOU.

Adele Spraggon  Adrienne Enns Edgar  AJ TIbando  Alison Smyth  Andrea Ceolato  Anushae Shroff  Anya Romanova  Artscape Youngplace  Ashley Proctor  Camille McInnis  Camp Reset Family  Carol Schulte  Colleen Elliot  Corinne Clapham  Craig Major  Daphne Gordon  David Antflick  Debbie Croft  Deidre Olsen  Alissa Blumberg  Edie Weiss  Elijah Antflick  Elizabeth Heggie  Elizabeth Mitchell  Erika Williams  Erin Montgomery  Gaby Flores  Georgee Low  Harriet Ross  Heather Briggs  Heather Lielmanis  Heidi Rasmussen  Helena Skrinjar  Ilene Bronsteter  Jasjit Sangha  Jessica Kahoon  Jess Shane  Joe Frieberg  Julia Friesen  Katia Millar  Kulsoom Khan  Laura Furtado  Laura Shook  Leigh Mitchell  Lily Antflick  Lisa Kelly  Liz Diaz  Liz Elam  Lyz Plant  Madeleine Shaw  Marcia Le Blanc  Marissa Heisel  Marissa McTasney  Marni Levitt  Maureen Taylor Origoni  Maya Medeiros  Michael Levine  Mike Brcic  Nancy Mayer  Marisol Fornioni  Robert Wakulat  Natasha Mitchell  Norton Rose Fullbright Innovation Law Clinic  Ontario Centres of Excellence  Or Har-Gil  Priyanka Saju  Roxanne Bartel  Sam Warren  Shannon Hobson  Simmie Antflick  Snjezana Pruginic  Sperry Bilyea  Startup Toronto  Stefanie Fiore  Steph Camm  Susan Kirschling  Tammy Faulds  The Gladstone Hotel  Tiffany Howe  Vincent Schutt  Willi Shillinglaw