Meet Britt Kasco: Taking adventurous women around the world & into the wild!



Founder, Origin Travels


What is at the heart of your business?

Increasing the access to safe, off the beaten path travel experiences for women aged 18-30 something.

Why did you join a women focussed coworking and wellness community?



What does thriving look like to you?

Coming to work everyday and working towards my goal of connecting women across the globe on the shared value of exploration.


Shecosystem’s core values are openness, community, collaboration, accessibility, sustainability, feminism, and wellness. Which of these resonates most with you and why?

Community! As a first time entrepreneur, it is a little rough trying to set up a get organized, be productive and stay accountable while I am alone in my house! I am looking to surround myself with women who are in similar positions, so that we can support each other.


What would you like to give and/or receive from this community?


I hope that I can be a resource for women who have always wanted to take the travel plunge, but have reservations due to reservations around solo travel. I am also obsessed with talking about sustainable approaches to travel – so chat me any time!


Tell us one way you integrate self-care into your working life

Take long breaks to enjoy the sunshine on sunny days.

What’s your top piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

Talk less, listen more!


Anything else we should know about you?

I also have a craft side-hustle! @threadandbark_to.

My next Origin Travels Wilderness Trip is coming up on August 26-28. It’s going to be an epic 2-night trip into Ontario’s tranquil Six Mile Lake Provincial Park. Learn to pitch a tent, master a canoe, swim in crystal clear waters, take a hike. If taking it easy is your game, lay out your towel and relax on our own private peninsula overlooking Six Mile River. This trip is open to both first-time and experienced campers!



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