Mentor Office Hours with Women in Biz Network

mentor-office-hoursWould you love to ask for advice without fear of the cold call?


What if we provided a safe and supportive environment to talk about your career, business and life’s challenges?


There’s no disputing the value of mentorship, particularly for the solopreneurs. 

Women in Biz Network is bringing Mentor Office Hours to Shecosystem every second Monday from 11 am -1 pm. Drop in and sign up for a private, 20 minute 1-on-1 conversation with WIBN mentors. 

Enjoy mentorship in a variety of areas:

    • Work / life balance
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Business development
    • Career, Linkedin and resume advice
    • Financial wellbeing
    • much more!


Free for Shecosisters and included in a Day Pass for non-members. href=””>Mentor for Monday, November 16 – 11 am-1 pm 
leighandlogoLeigh Mitchell, Founder of Women in Biz Network 

Mentoring/advising on:

  • Marketing
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Career development
  • Resume /Linkedin advice

Learn more about Leigh 

Mentor for Monday, November 28th – 11 am -1 pm

Heather_250x333 Heather Briggs, Radiate Real 

Mentoring/advising on:

Mentor for Monday, December 12th, 11 am-1 pm Meredith

Mentoring/advising on :

  • Knowing your numbers
  • Office productivity + processes

Learn more about Meredith

Women in Biz Network brings Mentorship to Shecosystem

Leigh Mitchell and I met through my work with G Day, when she partnered with us to promote this girls’ rite of passage to her Women in Biz Network Members. We comped her a Media pass, and expected to maybe get a blog post or some social medial love out of it. Not only did Leigh show up on the day of the event, she also rolled up her sleeves and volunteered throughout the day, bright eyed and eager to be of service.


This is how Leigh has woven a nationwide network of trusted connections. Generous to the core, she is always looking for ways to help, and is on a never ending quest to create opportunities for her members to grow and shine.

So, when a few months later, I started dreaming about building Shecosystem’s community, I naturally turned to Leigh for help and mentorship. We talked about the need for work-life integration, shared our experiences of burnout and depression. I told her about my idea for a coworking and wellness Meetup, and she was on board immediately.


She got me.


I had no brand, no pitch deck, no forecasts. But Leigh understood the value of my vision, and she let me post the Meetup on her page – giving me exposure to over 500 women in her group as well as the thousands who engage with the WINB website and social platforms.


Perhaps more importantly, her collaboration brought a third element to this Coworking + Wellness meetup: Mentorship.


Leigh had been running an online mentorship program through Women in Biz, and wanted to provide more value to her members by enabling the mentoring pairs to meet face to face.

cww-photoFrom business strategy coaches to indie publishers, over 30 women stepped up as weekly mentors, offering an ear, an introduction, a nugget of advice. We made mentorship accessible for our community – lowering both the internal and external barriers to accessing this vital relationship.

We offered a constellation of mentors that women could tap into casually, without fear of the cold call. It was safe enough that women who weren’t even sure what they needed help with asked their questions without feeling like they were wasting a very busy person’s time. It was safe enough that mentors could give challenging feedback.

It was also safe enough that women who never thought of themselves as mentors stepped up and learned that they had something of value to share.


There’s no disputing the value of mentorship, particularly for the solopreneurs who make up most of our community. So we’re partnering with Women in Biz Network to make mentorship a core part of Shecosystem’s programming.


Our Mentorship program includes:


    • The revival of our signature Coworking, Wellness + Mentorship meetups beginning in November!




    • One-on-one Mentor Office Hours every other Monday – free for members!


    • 15% off Women in Biz Network membership for Shecosystem members so you can take advantage of programs like their 6 month mentor matching and connect with the women in one of Canada’s fastest growing national organizations.



And me? I get to have Leigh around so that I can continue to learn from her. I am fortunate to have her as a friend and mentor as I continue to nurture our community.


Read Leigh’s Shecosister Profile and you’ll understand why this mentorship collaboration makes me SO happy!