A full circle moment

I’m having a full circle moment today…and ugly crying at my laptop, letting waves of of gratitude and grief wash over me.

Two years ago I shared this photo of our first ever circle at 703 Bloor. And this morning I sent out an invitation to our final “Closing Circle” celebration.


In between, we’ve had literally thousands of circles with fierce-hearted souls from near and far. I had no idea how powerful these daily rituals would be and I think I will miss them more than anything.

Our circles have many functions:


Tuning in to breath and body


Giving ourselves permission to slow down and take a break


Noticing what we’re showing up with on a whole human level every workday


Sharing and connecting with a non-judgemental community


Holding space for each other


Making networking feel less icky


Keeping each other accountable


Prioritizing and goal setting


Tuning in to messages from the universe


Witnessing each other and being seen and heard


Noticing cycles, patterns and synchronicity


Creating a strong community


Thank you to everyone who has held space for and with me. I love you.

XO Emily Rose


— Original Post —

The glow of the setting sun streaming through the windows of Shecosystem’s new home could not compare to the blazing love in this circle of Shecosisters who showed up last night to fill this space with positive intentions.

Thank you for helping me become my vision board.

Thank you for redefining August 2.

Thank you for being my tribe.

And always, thank you for dancing with me!

I can only imagine how much more, much much more, we will create in this space with this community of brilliant & soulful people.