Keeping this Heart-Space Beating

Shecosystem was a heart-space before it was a coworking space. It was a vibe, a tribe, a set of values and visions that we shared of entrepreneurship done differently. And it still is all those things.


As time went on the mission got diluted and impossibly huge in my mind. I got overwhelmed with the things that I thought I should do to grow the business. I started to feel like in order for Shecosystem to attract new members and take up space in our city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, it had to be an event promoter, an incubator, a mentorship program, a vehicle for accessing funding, a platform for feminist activism, a business training centre…ALL THE THINGS.


Carrying all of this was too much.


Last week I took some time up north to reflect. Alone, surrounded by nature I tuned out the noise and listened to my heart.

I reflected on all of the things our members and visitors have said in our circles, surveys, meetings and casual conversations. I finally let it all land.

Instead of seeing everything that we’re not, I was able to see what we are.


Our members told me in a recent impact survey that Shecosystem is…


  • My safe haven in a crazy world 
  • A space where like-minded people come to work and be in community 
  • A community. Feeling held. Support at every stage of my journey. 
  • A place I need in my life to help me feel connected and a part of. It’s also a place I need to make connections to move my business forward. 
  • A place where I can be productive without compromising my health.


It’s that simple: Shecosystem is a safe, productive, wellness-focussed workspace that values the feminine, where a community of like-souled people connect and support each other in our work and in our lives.


That’s enough. That’s significant.


((deep exhale))


Shecosystem is not for everyone, and it’s not going to be everything. But for those of us who truly get it, it’s powerful.


That’s why I’m calling out to you, our community, to invite other people who get it. I want to see our community grow – organically, with the right people – for the benefit of us all. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the nine months Shecosystem has been open is to ask for help. So I’m asking you to help me reach out to people who you think belong in this quirky and diverse tribe of heart-centred entrepreneurs.


On August 9, we’re opening our doors for the day so your networks can experience our space and get to know our community. 

Thank you for keeping this heart-space beating.

With gratitude,

Emily Rose

Let’s make it easy-peasy for you to invite other people who get it!


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Check out Toronto’s women-centric coworking space for @Shecosystem Coworking & Wellness on August 9! I’ll be celebrating International Coworking Day with this tribe of  heart-centred entrepreneurs. Join us for a free day of coworking, wellness, and community!  Sign up at


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Join the @shecosystem community for a free International #Coworking Day Open House on August 9


Emily Rose Antflick is Shecosystem’s Founder and Chief Community Cultivator. She operates her business straight from the heart – and occasionally from the stern of a canoe.