Finding my Tribe

This morning as we gathered in our Opening Circle, I pulled a card that landed upside-down – facing out into the circle. The card had an image of a redhead with a rose in her hair surrounded by laughing, dancing women, and it read:

“Find your Tribe.” 
Finding your tribe goes way deeper than just having like-minded people around. Your tribe are the people who step in to uplift and defend you, to help you build and grow.

I feel the power of this tribe every single day that I witness – and experience – the many ways in which this community connects.  Shecosystem has grown to over 50 members who work and play together.  There’s a palpable feeling of belonging, support, and trust in this expanding circle of folks who get it.

This month, the tribe is springing into action – and it couldn’t come at a better time.

After seven months of forcing myself to wear too many hats, I’m tired. It’s not the kind of tired that I can fix with a screen-free weekend or a long nap after work. It’s the kind of sustained weariness that can ONLY be remedied by asking for help.


So with the help of my Shecosister Mathura, I’m piloting a Summer Energy Exchange program. The means that rather than one overstretched and exhausted woman at the helm, Shecosystem now has a team (we’re calling it a Coven because we’re magickal like that) of seven committed women. We are truly becoming a Shecosystem – interconnected, resilient, diverse, governed by patterns and processes that naturally tend toward abundance!

At the first meeting of our Coven, I sat in awe as each woman described the kinds of work that bring her joy. The greatest part: their zones of genius are all so different from mine.  I’ve always said that diversity makes a Shecosystem thrive, and we are now putting that into play by harnessing different skills, perspectives, and personalities.

The women in the coven will be here to woman the space all day every day (so I’m free to leave and work on the business), each bringing a different vibe and new ideas. They won’t just be sitting around doing data entry and welcoming guests; they’ll each be leading an exciting project that makes the most of their unique talents and lets them do the kind of work they enjoy.  This means that the stalled projects that I’ve found too challenging or draining to pursue will get done, joyfully and willingly by competent experts. And it means that I can reconnect with what I do best, and fall in love with my work again.

The coven includes:

  • MATHURA our coven’s head witch who brings order to my vision and keeps us all flowing
  • JOY helping our members and our space shine online
  • ERIN our smooth operator making our events and scheduling accessible and efficient
  • PAT our get shit done gal levelling up our tools and systems
  • LINDSAY a people person extraordinaire who will make everyone feel at home
  • MELANIE a networker who will spread the social love far and wide
  • KATE a green goddess making sure we’re making a positive social and environmental impact

You’ll be hearing more about these wonderful women over the next few months. And without a doubt, you’ll be reaping the benefits of their work.



Emily Rose Antflick is Shecosystem’s founder and Chief Community Cultivator. Get in touch with her at