Making magic with The Coven

Shecosystem thrives on diversity and interdependence, and we live these values in the way Shecosystem is managed. Last fall we welcomed seven women on board as part of our Energy Exchange program – otherwise known as The Coven – to help make Shecosystem’s voice, vision, and vibe a truly co-creative offering
The Coven members are making Shecosystem their home base for the next few months, using their professional expertise to further Shecosystem’s mission and foster a comfortable, productive and welcoming space for our community.  


We’re gathering around the cauldron and making some magic…meet the West End Witches who are part of this year’s Shecosystem Coven!


 Erin Conway is a freelance producer, community builder and philanthropist. Until recently she spent 9 years as the General Manager of The Second City Training Centre, the largest school of improvisation and sketch comedy in the country.  Erin is also the Executive Director of The Big City Improv Festival in Toronto.

Erin is Shecosystem’s Program Coordinator and oversees the Coven. She also hosts our monthly Improv for Entrepreneurs workshops, bringing in the city’s best improvisors to teach us how to say “Yes, and…” in business. She is empowered by seeing women pushing themselves out of their comfort zones at Shecosystem and inspiring change.


 Leyla Razeghi is a consultant, trainer and speaker who has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. She helps conscious businesses build plans for sustainable growth that are grounded in strong foundations – check her out at Leyla Razeghi Business Strategist

With her years of expertise, she helps out with Marketing and Business Development, helping us build a financially sustainable business while keeping our pricing accessible. She loves that Shecosystem allows her to be productive while having a true work-life balance and having meaningful conversations.



Annisha Lashand is an accomplished writer, brand builder and content strategist for startups in tech, travel and lifestyle. Annisha’s words can also be found on Electrify Mag, LiveFAST Mag, Toronto Life, The Culture Trip, Darling Magazine and more – check her out here! Like a house cat, you’ll usually find her in the sunniest spot in the room. 

 Annisha acts as the Coven’s Social Media Coordinator, creating  beautiful content that helps us tell the story of Shecosystem and our members.



 Tasha Jade Banate is one of our three Directors of First Impressions, bringing her friendly healing vibes to the space with creative Opening and Closing Circles and BS-free card readings.

She and Annie work together on our monthly Red Tent women’s circles, and she’s got some exciting event plans coming up for 2018! 

When she’s not helping out as part of the Coven, Tasha is a Professional Noise Witch at Daily Magic, specializing in energy work and sound healing. She works with clients through holistically-minded music lessons and mentorship to awaken the magic within.  Her favourite thing about the Coven is getting to meet the empowering and inspiring women in our community!



 Lindsay Johnson is another one of our Directors of First Impressions, and she’s got a helpful connection for literally everyone who walks through the door! She is the Radical Connector: an entrepreneur and networking coach has spent 20 years in marketing, sales, and leadership  development roles as well as facilitating professional and personal development workshops.

Lindsay coordinates our monthly Potluck & Perspectives event and hosts several of her own groups here on the regular, including her Use Your Words Content Collective meetup.

She has trained teams, coached individuals, developed sales and training systems and travelled all over North America to work with hundreds of people of all levels.



 Annie Matan is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Matanot Lev (Gifts of the Heart), Jewish community in Downtown Toronto. Annie specializes in creating and facilitating meaningful Jewish experiences for people of all backgrounds for life spiral transitions, in workshops and in Shabbat and holiday unservices. 

She is one of our Directors of First Impressions, and her Opening and Closing circles – often involving soulful chanting, candles, and deep intention – are always an uplifting, sacred break in the midst of a mundane workday.  

Her favourite thing about Shecosystem is that she feels free to show up as her whole self in community with others who show up fully too – with our joys, our grief, our complications, our yearnings and our goofiness! Annie says, “This is the sisterhood and community model I have longed for and until now didn’t believe could really exist!”


Marla Raymundo is an intern at Shecosystem, as part of a University of Toronto co-op placement. When she’s not here, she’s studying Women and Gender studies, Diaspora and Transnational studies and Sociology at U of T.

Her favourite thing about Shecosystem and being a part of the Shecoven is being in a space which allows the feminine to thrive as well as being around positive, empowering and motivational women who pave their own way to success!