Wisdom Wednesday: Crystal-Marie Sealy on Pricing & Self Worth

Be everything to everybody and you’ll be nothing for yourself.”  – John Rushton


We’ve all heard this, but after we “nod, smile and agree”, for the hundredth time, how and where do we actually apply it?


Service Pricing Application

Have you applied this to your Pricing as well?  A few quick steps, if you’re still losing time and revenue-generating hours to “negotiators.” The big step many of us have yet to take in cementing our pricing is understanding, ourselves, why we’ve set these prices. If you’re simply following the market visible among the low-hanging fruit, ask yourself,  “How many business survive with these prices, in this industry, in the long term?” Do the research. What’s the answer?

1. Get clear, internally, on what it takes for you and your business to #thrive in the long term — sustainably.

2. Find the market, the community, that:
• Already knows it’s needed.
• Values that offering as you do.

3. Walk away from anyone else. Put that energy into staying focused on those who want and need what you offer.

These 3 simple steps are more likely to keep you grounded in, focused on, Why you do what you do at this price, removing the illusions of guilt, fear and defensiveness that arise when you run into those who can’t afford you. If nothing else, you’ll wind up with a better client base.


Need a hand?

It is often easier said than done, for some of us. This is not a popular path. Whether you don’t know where to start, or you know exactly what you have to do, but need a safe space to return to occasionally to help you stick with it, I’m here. If you need a quick session, a moral boost through my monthly e-newsletter or those weekly uplifting reminders on social media (see icons below), let’s connect and get you to the next step. Let’s chat! 



This post was originally written by our member Crystal-Marie Sealy on her blog.

Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, is a speaker and business strategy consultant focused on pricing, social media and feasible schedules, for established small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives. As founder of Successiory, Crystal-Marie works with professionals who want to build sustainable (livable) business models around their lifestyles and create sustainable client community on social media. Connect with her and subscribe at www.successiory.ca