Celebrating milestones….even when there are miles to go

My brother and sister-in-law just had their second child, and as I look at Maya Juliet I remember that Shecosystem is an organization in its infancy, having just passed the six month mark.

Parents celebrate every little growth milestone, and the first six months are full of them! In her first six months, Maya will double her birth weight. She’ll be finding new ways to take up space – sitting, rolling over, creeping toward a crawl. She’ll be starting to use her voice to shape new sounds.

This Coworking + Wellness community is the only baby I’m nurturing at the moment, and I want to celebrate Shecosystem’s growth. I hope it doesn’t resent me in 12 years for posting these milestones all over the internet!

While it’s hard not to coo over baby’s first giggle, crawl, and taste of solid food, I can’t say the same of my startup’s milestones.

Every week for the last few months, I’ve had an accountability call with Natasha Mitchell, a Startup Strategy Consultant who has been helping me bring focus and clarity to this journey.

Every week I tell Natasha, “I’ve done nothing. I’m overwhelmed. I’m not moving forward.”

Every week she challenges those defeatist statements and helps me refocus on what I have accomplished.

When the big picture goal feels like it’s on the other side of a chasm, it can be hard to feel any sense of accomplishment.

No matter how many tasks I check off on Asana, no matter how many little pieces fall into place, I find myself struggling to give myself credit for any progress.

At yesterday’s Coworking + Wellness Meetup, I tried to shift out of this rootless, amorphous, stressful place and chose instead to celebrate small milestones, even when there are miles to go.

I asked the women in the group to share their milestones – from Limor launching her Financially Fabulous website to Or running a year of Perfectly Imperfect workshops. Some of the women mentioned more internal, intangible milestones like embracing their authentic selves or finding the confidence to own their voice publicly.

Without a doubt Shecosystem has become a weightier organization.

Yesterday, along with Leigh from Women in Biz Network, I hosted Shecosystem’s 30th weekly Coworking + Wellness Meetup. That’s 30 mentors, 30 new wellness experiences, and over 120 women engaged in this experiential taste of what our coworking space will feel like.

From small events where I struggled to get 10 people in the room, Shecosystem has grown to connect and inspire more women.  At our most recent evening event, April’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Cafe, we collaborated with Startup Toronto to host a sold out crowd of over 50 women for conversations that matter about creating a thriving feminine entrepreneurial ecosystem.

And that’s just the start of it. I’ve been measuring the impact that Shecosystem has had on our members, from gaining new clients to integrating new wellness practises into their daily routines.

This infographic celebrates the milestones Shecosystem has reached in its first six months and the impact this community has had on its members.

Who knows – maybe in a few months I’ll be sleeping through the night!


Emily Rose