Dreaming Together: Shecosystem & Nurture’s ‘Dream, Girl’ Screening

Shecosystem and Nurture Retreats recently gathered over 30 women for a screening of Dream, Girl: a documentary profiling ambitious and inspiring women entrepreneurs. This film, with its all-woman production team and its  portraits of diverse models of women entrepreneurs and investors sends a powerful message.

It is a message that when venture creation is done in a way that honours our whole selves, it is a tool for women’s economic, social and spiritual empowerment, and in turn a force for changing the world.

Some of my top takeaways from the film:

1. The business case for vulnerability: According to investor Joanne Wilson:  “Vulnerability is one of the most powerful places we can be: it’s where we deeply connect with people, it’s where we engage people in cases that are bigger than themselves.”

3. Entrepreneurship builds resilience: Even someone as “successful” as Marie Forleo still admits to feeling fear and self-doubt.  As Clara Villarosa says, “You melt down, and then you melt up!”

2. Peers are powerful: Filmmaker Komal Minhas says of her ability to accomplish her goal, “It was always there…I just needed to surround myself with ambitious women so I could see it in myself.”

I loved watching the movie together (and snacking on Sonja’s truffle salt popcorn!) but even more powerful was our talking circle afterwards.  We created a safe container to name our fears and voice our dreams.

At registration, we gave each attendee two blank cue cards.  We asked them to write down a dream on one and a vulnerable share on the other, and to place them anonymously  in paper bags. After the screening, we pushed our chairs into a casual circle and passed the paper bags around. Each woman grabbed a “Vulnerable Share” card and read someone else’s fear aloud, commenting on how it landed with her.  Not surprisingly, each card resonated with someone in the circle, and this sharing sparked honest conversations.

Next, we passed around the “Dream” bag and encouraged each woman to speak up and own her dream when she heard it read aloud. Every time, the circle erupted into cheers of validation and support. From providing accessible healthcare services for seniors to going national with an eco-fashion line for kids, these women are visionary dreamers and courageous doers, passionate disruptors and uncompromising in their commitment to serve their communities.

Seeing the nods of agreement and relief around the room when each woman read her anonymous “Vulnerable Share” cue card and the cheers when we claimed our “Dream” cards reinforced Shecosystem’s purpose.

We are creating a space where working on your own dream doesn’t mean working alone.

It’s a space to give yourself permission to break out of isolation and into a space of innovation.

I hope you’ll join us, dream girls.

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