• Worries about being dubbed or perceived as the  “Queen Bee”?
  • Not sure how to deal with objections to your pitch, interview or sales meeting?
  • Want a second opinion on the negotiations going on in your life?

We can help you master the art of NEGOTIATION

  1. Assess:  What information do I need to succeed.
  2. Plan:  Learn how you influence outcomes.  Define what you want to achieve. Know what is important to your decision-makers.
  3. Ask:  Communicate your ask to solve this problem that provides everyone with a positive outcome.
  4. Package: How do I seal the deal?


About the Thrive Mastermind

This program was designed to create positive transformation and growth to thrive in your business, career, and life.

Practical,  mindful and results-oriented action plans will help you find your way with the support of your group on your journey.

WIBN Member participants and six mentors supporting each of the thrive pillars in your life!

Why you need it:

71% of Canadian women indicated that they would like to start their own business and 83% of them said having access to role models or mentors would be important to their success. Women in Biz Network believe that members supporting members is key to our collective success.  Enjoy access to different mentors and together we can brainstorm and plan for your growth and development as an entrepreneur or a professional.

Typical Agenda:

      • Please arrive approximately at 12;45 pm on site, so that you get yourself a coffee or tea – we start at 1 pm sharp (we want you to feel stress free!)
      • 1-1:05 pm – 5-minute opening centering meditation
      • 1:05 pm – 1:20 pm – Introduction of the theme
      • 1:20 pm – Interactive Group Exercise with Handout
      • 2:40 pm – Final reflections, followed by “asks” – how can we support each other. Participants are matched and follow up with each other during that month.
      • 3 pm – Mastermind Closes but participants are invited to spend the rest of their working day at Shecosystem. 

You Will Receive

      • Confidential career and business advice
      • Opportunities to brainstorm with a support group of successful business women
      • Accountability partner that will follow up with you later in the month
      • The collective advice of the group to tackle your challenges
      • Opportunity to work on your projects in a supportive group environment
      • Support and advice to balance your wellbeing, happiness and health coupled with your business life
      • Access to our mentor support group
      • Handouts for each month provided
      • Small class setting – maximum 10 registrations are accepted per meeting. 

What we Expect / FYI

      • Willingness to help others and yourself
      • An open mind
      • Respectful, courteous and understand confidentiality must be kept within the group
      • Current member of Women in Biz Network Membership  or Shecoystem. Non-members are welcomed to join us for one visit (please register)
      • Willingness and commitment to follow up with someone within the mastermind should you volunteer to support them (this is part of the agenda) . This is usually done by email or phone after you have signed on to support someone.  We don’t expect you to attend each month, we have themes each month so you can join in each month although members get a lot out of attending on a monthly basis.

This program is exclusive to WIBN & SheCoSystem Members only. For information on WIBN membership please visit here.  However, you are welcomed to attend once as a non-member.