SheEO brings Radical Generosity to Shecosystem

Everything is broken…what a great time to be alive. This motto drives Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO. Our economic and educational systems are broken. So is our concept of work and success. And as we witnessed this week, so is the system that enabled a racist, sexist, bully to rise to the head of the United States.

Great time to be alive? Really?

It’s a great time to be alive because in the problem lies the solution. In becoming aware of what is broken, we unlock the potential to innovate and create systems that work. Acknowledging the brokenness allows us to liberate ourselves from the dysfunctional inertia of the status quo and move forward with renewed purpose. It’s the crack where the light comes in.

The brokenness that Saunders is fixing is the world of funding for women’s enterprise. After years of running ventures in Toronto, Europe and Silicon Valley, Vicki grew dissatisfied with the existing venture capital model – and took it upon herself to create a new economic model for women entrepreneurs that combines the best of crowdfunding, coaching, buying power and networks.

It is a model that she is spreading around the world with a goal of raising $1 Billion to support women’s enterprise.  And it’s a movement that got her on a list of the World’s Top 100 Most Influential Leaders among a roster of notable women including Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

So what’s broken?

Women are dramatically underfunded compared to men, receiving only 2.7% of venture capital and 13% of all angel investment. Women struggle to get in the door to pitch their ideas to VCs and face unconscious bias once they’re in. Male-dominated venture firms are often dismissive of ideas that solve ‘female problems,’ ignoring a massive market. Investors overlook women’s enterprises that don’t fit the ‘unicorn’ model of success. And women with assets to invest are shut out and mystified by the old-school funding process.

The solution: SheEO’s Radical Generosity

SheEO is creating a funding universe separate from the boys’ club where women-led ventures can define success on their terms, apply for funding from investors who speak their language, and democratize the investment process to build confidence in women wanting to invest in venture they can really get behind.

SheEO is a global initiative to radically transform the way we finance, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs. 1000 women Activators across Canada give $1000 to create a million dollar pool of capital that is then loaned out to local female-led ventures, whom the Activators help select. With Activators as supporters, advisors, customers and connectors, SheEO Ventures are set up for immediate and accelerated growth. Selected ventures receive zero interest loans, a personalized guided development program, and access to a global network of female investors, advisors and customers (check out the 2015 Ventures).

We would like to invite you to join SheEO Founder, Vicki Saunders, for  a free Happy Hour and conversation hosted by Emily Rose Antflick, Founder of Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness, to learn about how you can get involved as a SheEO Activator or apply as to be a SheEO Venture in the 2016 Radical Generosity Campaign.

Join us on November 23rd to learn more!

This is a free event open to women only – Shecosystem members, friends and guests are welcome. Register below and please share!