Getting the dance floor started

Shecosystem is officially 1 year old today! My celebration began last night at Nuit Blanche, and I want to tell you all about it.

Under a warm down blanket of clouds, I wandered out with my coven of Good Witches to feel the pulse of the city. First stop: the Wiggly Street party on Queen Street out front of Osgoode Hall where some friends were performing.

We approached and saw a crowd in the standard Toronto Nuit Blanche pose: standing still, head cocked to slightly to the side, wondering through their cellphone screens if this is Art. I figured there must be a live performance going on in front of the DJ booth. I peeked over the crowd and saw that, no, actually they were just watching an empty dance floor. Some minor head bobbing was detected, but zero bodies moving to the beat.

I edged my way through the crowd to the empty space in the front, waved to my friend Yossi on the decks, and let myself be moved. 

Sheco_benefit1Erika and Sabrina joined in. Corinne spotted us and joined in with a few of her friends…and then there were six women, giving ourselves permission to bounce, to be seen, to make the most of this moment. (Here’s the video the DJ captured of these first minutes)

Within 5 minutes, it was a dance party full of smiling strangers, warming up the misty October night. And it didn’t stop until sunrise.


Later on in the evening (or more accurately, morning) I recounted this moment to my friend Zohar, an inspiring entrepreneurial community builder whose new hub, Black Rock Coffee (our Koreatown neighbour!) has partnered with Shecosystem to provide member discounts on their goods. His reaction was something like,  “I’m not surprised. That’s exactly what you’re doing in your business.”  

And so as I danced to celebrate Shecosystem’s one year anniversary, Rosh ha Shanah, and this powerful new moon, I embodied that intention: to put this business into action in service of getting communities moving, connecting, and feeling good.

Entrepreneurship is a dance floor – we feel awkward at first, we don’t know the steps, can’t find the rhythm at times. But we harness the positive energy of the people around us, push our comfort zones, risk being noticed…and finally our soul finds its way into our feet and we are in flow.

 At Shecosystem’s new home at 703 Bloor Street West, the feeling of flow is beginning to set in. The anxiety of waiting – for the right space, the right contractor – had been replaced with a positive momentum and the space is under construction and poised to launch within the next month.

Shecoseedstem_4Like most things in nature, Shecosystem started with a few small seeds budding in a dark, tight place. You can read the full story of these seeds – and the very vulnerable ‘dark place‘ where they were planted – for context.


One year ago today, Shecosystem became a registered business. It was an intriguing concept, some official looking documents, but on the whole a formless entity. Still just a few scattered seeds. I’ve written before about how important it is to mark little milestones, so today I am celebrating this anniversary with not one but two big announcements:

The unveiling of a new website that makes me smile so hard


The official launch of our Founding Membership packages that get you up to 25% off your membership.


So check it out, and get in touch if you have questions or feedback as I continue to shape this space (online and on Bloor) to serve all of our needs. Or ask them live – we’ll have a series of these but the first one is next Tuesday October 11:

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Whatever new moves you’re celebrating this month in your own work-life wiggle, may you dance them with intention, with gratitude, and with joy.



Emily Rose