Practicing self-compassion and love as a new skill everyday with Shecosister Kate O’Connor

Name: Kate O’Connor
Business: Emperor, Sweetheart Empire

What is at the heart of your business?
I photograph weddings, families, couples, and individuals. My mission is simply to help my subjects feel safe — to show, and be seen as, who they truly are.

Why did you join a women’s coworking and wellness community?
What happens in my biz is an expression of my internal life – heart, head, body, and soul. Combining work and wellness just makes sense!

What do you wish to give and/or receive from this community?
Compassion, love, sisterhood, accountability, advice, and work breaks where we dance it off.

What does thriving look like for you?
Practicing self-compassion and love as a new skill everyday. Being grounded enough that it feels safe to grow. Feeling that my cup runneth over, giving me the strength to share my gifts with the people around me. “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Shecosystem’s core values are: openness, community, collaboration, accessibility, sustainability, feminism, and wellness. Which of these resonates most with you and why?
All of them resonate, but the one most unique to Shecosystem is feminism. To be surrounded by folks who appreciate the challenges of patriarchy, and who work intentionally to break it down and overcome it – that is exciting to me.

Tell us one way you integrate self-care into your working life:
I meditate for 15 minutes every day. I use the Headspace app and highly recommend it.

What’s your top piece of advice for other women entrepreneurs?
Don’t try to please everyone, or even “most people”. Do what you do best, and your clients will self-filter to be people who truly value you… I’m still learning how to take this advice myself.

Anything else we should know about you?
I manifested my boyfriend with a vision board. Like, to a T… That shit is cray.

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