MAR 8 | We’re not Psycho, we’re Cyclical

Have you ever noticed how as soon as we’re given permission to talk about our menstrual cycles, the floodgates open? Every woman seems to have a story that she can’t wait to tell: She was embarrassed to be the first or last girl in her class to bleed. She spent her twenties feeling alienated from her body but believing that hormonal birth control was the only option. She spends half the month feeling anxious, moody, or on edge and can’t explain why. 

The way our culture dismisses, denigrates, and hushes up menstruation, it’s no surprise that when finally given an opportunity to talk openly and learn about our cycles, we can’t wait to share. But sharing is just the beginning of understanding the power of the period.

It turns out we aren’t psycho, we’re cyclical – and all we need to do is pay attention and learn how to flow with instead of struggle against the natural wisdom that’s hidden in our hormones.

My friend Zahra Haji of Yoga Goddess has made it her mission to show women how our supposedly crazy-making menstrual cycles are actually a navigational tool.

Zahra is launching a movement to change our relationship with our periods, complete with an online party on March 8 in honour of International Women’s Day.

At this party, Zahra is revealing:

  • How to work with your cycle to feel centered, calm, and grounded – instead of on edge, crazy, and disconnected
  • How flowing with the strengths of each phase of your cycle can help you connect with the purpose and direction you yearn for
  • An ancient yogic breath meditation to regulate “crazy” hormonal energy
  • What it means to get your period in sync with the full moon or the new moon – and why your cycle might switch from one to the other
  • How to break the cycle of jealousy and longing for what you don’t have (whether it’s a partner or a baby or both!) and start to feel fulfilled in all areas of your life – love, relationships, work, & sex
  • How to tap into the 4 Goddess Energies that manifest through your cycle: the go-getter, the nurturer, the enchantress and the wise-woman, and start loving everything there is to love about being a woman!

So if you want REAL advice that you can listen to and implement right away to see results in your life and feel more connected, in sync, and in control – you want to join this movement!

Grab your spot now – just follow this link!

P.S. The information Zahra’s sharing in this webinar is our birthright as women, and it is high time we all knew about it! Don’t miss your chance to learn how your period can change your life.

End the shame and reclaim your cycle – join the movement #notpsychoperiod