Have a Mindful New Year: January’s Self-Care Circles focus on meditation

We have heard your request for mediation classes!

This month, our Wednesday self-care circles with Resident Wellness + Spiritual Guide Liz Diaz will focus on meditation and mindfulness. Now that you’ve set your intentions for the year, these weekly tune-ins will help you stick to them by cultivating greater internal awareness.

Each week Liz will guide us through a new mediation technique. She is a certified meditation guide and has been formally practicing meditation since 2008. Liz has designed a program that is accessible for all levels, and designed to provide greater clarity, balance and compassion.

Don’t worry, we will not be sitting in silence for the whole hour straight!

We will start our circle with an introduction to the mediation technique for the week, followed by practicing, then http://www.topphentermineonline.com sharing about our experience, followed by a bit more practice. Each week Liz will provide you with take-home exercises so you can continue to deepen your mediation practice at home and at work.  

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What is Mediation & What are its Benefits?

Mediation is the intentional, non-judgmental focus of attention on the present moment. Studies show that meditation can be helpful in managing stress, improving creativity, enhancing focus and concentration, as well as feeling more mentally, emotionally and physically calm, energized and joyful.

Join us on Wednesdays from 12-1 to discover the power and benefits of incorporating meditation & mindfulness into your daily life.

This class is for all levels from beginner to more experienced practitioner. Both cushions and chairs are available.