Holiday Gifts from our Shecosisters

The Holiday season is upon us!

We know how draining gift shopping can be, so we want to make it easy for you. Shecosystem happens to be home to several makers and creators whose beautiful products would make great gifts for your loved ones – or yourself.

Here are a few products created by our members – along with special holiday promotional offers – so you can spread holiday cheer while supporting local, female-founded businesses.




May You Know Joy and Seeds of Intention cards are a thoughtful holiday gift or stocking stuffer for friends, family, Secret Santas and teachers.  And – the effects of this gift will only enhance over time.  Both cards decks offer inspiration for reflection and intentional living.  Cards are available at:  Please contact Adrienne Enns at if you have any questions or require a special order.

 Shecosisters receive a 20% discount until December 15th.  Promo Code:  FRIENDS





Be With is a set of thirty-six cards divided into six categories: write, speak, ask, rest, move and affirm. Each category suggests simple prompts to help you Be With yourself in the moment: whether that means slowing down, paying mindful attention, or giving yourself tender loving care. The cards can be used daily or weekly, or just when you need them. Shuffle them and pull one at random, or work through them category by category. It’s up to you. Bring the benefits of self-care into your everyday life and learn how to give yourself the love and time you give everyone else. Right now you have the opportunity to support Barbara’s indiegogo campaign and get your Be With Cards in time for the holidays!





Everything that Christine designs + creates is meant to bring OM or calm to your home. She designs and hand prints original screenprint textiles and letterpress and lino block prints. She often uses words and inspirational sayings because she believes that inspiring words can elevate the energy in our home. Her line of inspirational sayings digitally printed is also designed to bring uplifting, positive energy to all rooms in your house. Check out her Etsy shop.  Christine will also be at the One of a Kind Christmas 2016 show. You can find her in booth T11 for the full 11 days of the show.


Christine has also created ‘The Soul Discovery Coloring Book which is an adult coloring book which is meant to help reader reach deep within themselves to connect with the divine. The book is an invitation to the reader not only to coluor the beautiful images found here,but also to access their own creative heART through journaling and creative exercise prompts.





GUT INSTINCTS brews artisanal batches of Kombucha and Kefir that are seeded with the intention to heal your gut. They believe that fermented foods are an answer to a host of modern day illnesses and would love to share these healing elixirs with everyone.

SheEO brings Radical Generosity to Shecosystem

Everything is broken…what a great time to be alive. This motto drives Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO. Our economic and educational systems are broken. So is our concept of work and success. And as we witnessed this week, so is the system that enabled a racist, sexist, bully to rise to the head of the United States.

Great time to be alive? Really?

It’s a great time to be alive because in the problem lies the solution. In becoming aware of what is broken, we unlock the potential to innovate and create systems that work. Acknowledging the brokenness allows us to liberate ourselves from the dysfunctional inertia of the status quo and move forward with renewed purpose. It’s the crack where the light comes in.

The brokenness that Saunders is fixing is the world of funding for women’s enterprise. After years of running ventures in Toronto, Europe and Silicon Valley, Vicki grew dissatisfied with the existing venture capital model – and took it upon herself to create a new economic model for women entrepreneurs that combines the best of crowdfunding, coaching, buying power and networks.

It is a model that she is spreading around the world with a goal of raising $1 Billion to support women’s enterprise.  And it’s a movement that got her on a list of the World’s Top 100 Most Influential Leaders among a roster of notable women including Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

So what’s broken?

Women are dramatically underfunded compared to men, receiving only 2.7% of venture capital and 13% of all angel investment. Women struggle to get in the door to pitch their ideas to VCs and face unconscious bias once they’re in. Male-dominated venture firms are often dismissive of ideas that solve ‘female problems,’ ignoring a massive market. Investors overlook women’s enterprises that don’t fit the ‘unicorn’ model of success. And women with assets to invest are shut out and mystified by the old-school funding process.

The solution: SheEO’s Radical Generosity

SheEO is creating a funding universe separate from the boys’ club where women-led ventures can define success on their terms, apply for funding from investors who speak their language, and democratize the investment process to build confidence in women wanting to invest in venture they can really get behind.

SheEO is a global initiative to radically transform the way we finance, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs. 1000 women Activators across Canada give $1000 to create a million dollar pool of capital that is then loaned out to local female-led ventures, whom the Activators help select. With Activators as supporters, advisors, customers and connectors, SheEO Ventures are set up for immediate and accelerated growth. Selected ventures receive zero interest loans, a personalized guided development program, and access to a global network of female investors, advisors and customers (check out the 2015 Ventures).

We would like to invite you to join SheEO Founder, Vicki Saunders, for  a free Happy Hour and conversation hosted by Emily Rose Antflick, Founder of Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness, to learn about how you can get involved as a SheEO Activator or apply as to be a SheEO Venture in the 2016 Radical Generosity Campaign.

Join us on November 23rd to learn more!

This is a free event open to women only – Shecosystem members, friends and guests are welcome. Register below and please share! 


Self-Care Circles

Every Wednesday at 12-1PM

This hour long Self-Care Circle with Liz Diaz will focus on turning up the self-care dial for your mind, body, and spirit. With a dash of magic and lots of love we will tune-in and hit the internal reset button though practical wellness rituals.


This mid-day, mid-week circle will leave you feeling grounded, aligned and focused on your purpose and ready to succeed in your biz. Activities will vary by the week, but trust us – you’ll thank yourself for coming.


$10 members (or one “Class” resource)

$15 non-members

About Liz Diaz

lizmural2016-copy-squareLiz Diaz is Shecosystem’s Resident Wellness + Spiritual Guide and founder of founder of Awaken Your Bliss. Her passion is to create sacred opportunities for you to reconnect and remember your truest nature. To reclaim your innate wisdom. Liz’s calling is to facilitate spaces for women to feel emotionally and intuitively empowered, spaces where your instincts are valued and developed. She provides opportunities for you to reclaim your inner wise woman and ignite your creative spark. Liz is a holistic healing arts practitioner whose tools of choice are: meditation, yoga, conscious dance, expressive arts, Earth based wisdom, rituals and gifts of reiki, crystals, massage and essential oils. As a Spiritual life coach Liz is committed to journeying with you as you restore, rediscover and Awaken to Your Bliss.

Register for Self-Care Circles here!

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Meetups Are Back


We meet every Tuesday morning to cowork, support each other through mentorship, and take time to promote our holistic health & wellbeing.

We know that women – and their businesses – thrive when they are consciously connected with their bodies, minds, emotions, and with an authentic and supportive community. So many of us struggle with isolation, depression and lack of motivation when we work alone. It helps to get our of our heads and connect with other entrepreneurs for support and inspiration!  Coworking promotes collaboration and creative engagement among independent workers.

Shecosystem’s signature weekly Coworking, Wellness + Mentorship Meetups have been taking place in locations around Toronto since October 2015, and we are thrilled to finally hold space for this community to connect in our beautiful new coworking space at Bloor and Christie.

When: Every Tuesday, 10AM-12PM

Where: 703 Bloor Street W, 2nd Floor

What to bring: Laptop & work materials




After a quick check-in to set our intentions for the day, we get down to business for around 90 minutes. Each of us focusses on her own projects, occasionally turning to the group with a question, an insight or a helpful resource to share.


We always have a business mentor onsite to answer your questions, give feedback on your ideas, and connect you with the resources you need. This month our featured mentor is Fatima Kamenge, executive Director of Mazava, an NGO that provides Capacity building and support for budding entrepreneurs in East Africa. Fatima also consults for enterprises in team building and management as well as compassionate leadership. A serial entrepreneur, Fatima is passionate about economic sustainability and pursues that passion through her volunteering and investments.

If you are interested in volunteering as a monthly mentor, drop us a line with the subject line “Meetup Mentorship” at


After 90 minutes of work, we take a purposeful 20-minute wellness break. We look at wellness through a broad lens – activities may include dance, meditation, creative writing, yoga. This month our featured mentor is Adrienne Enns. A Life Coach certified by Martha Beck, Adrienne is founder and Chief Joy Curator at May You Know Joy. She empowers people to navigate towards joy through coaching, workshops, retreats and May You Know Joy meditation cards and Seeds of Intention cards.

If you are interested in volunteering as a monthly wellness facilitator, drop us a line with the subject line “Meetup Wellness” at



The month of INTENTION

November 1 – Adrienne Enns Edgar will share some insights about intention setting.

November 8 – Sheri Johnson will come in and share how to create intentional well-being through the use of essential oils

November 15 – Caroline Meyer, a Naturopath, and Reiki Master will come share seasonal tips for maximizing our health heading into Winter.

November 22 – TBD

November 29 – Daphne Gordon will help us explore intention through yoga and writing

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Registration Options

Meetup Only:

Your registration includes coffee & tea and fast wifi and 2 hours of work & wellness.

Registration Fee:

$8 for Shecosystem Members (or one “Meetup” resource booked through Cobot)

$15 Non-members

$12 Women in Biz Network Members


Make a Day of it! Add a Day Pass and stay all day:

Your registration includes Meetup programming plus access to our flexible workspaces between 8AM-6PM on the day of the Meetup. Includes any additional free member programming that is happening in the space that day. Includes coffee + tea and fast wifi throughout the day. Join us for our regular Tuesday Potluck + Perspectives – share a dish or salad-bar ingredient and share your ideas, topics change by the week.

Registration Fee:

$25 Shecosystem Members – Register below or through Cobot by booking a “Meetup + Day Pass” Resource!

$40 Non-members.

$34 Women in Biz Network Members


What I learned from 3 days of Coworking + Wellness

Shecosystem recently collaborated with the Gladstone Hotel to host a coworking + wellness popup. It was my first opportunity to see this concept in action for three whole days: a big change from our usual two-hour meetups.

Close to 60 women joined us to work, connect, and make self-care part of their working lives. We gave intention to the workday with opening and closing cirlces and took mid-day wellness breaks to refresh our bodies, minds and spirits. Women shopped at a mini-market, treated themselves to reiki, massage and Saje aromatherapy treatments, and took advantage of onsite mentorship provided by Women in Biz Network.READ MORE

JULY 18: Karma Questions with Daphne Gordon

Karma Questions
A Contemplative Yoga Workshop
Featuring Author, Yoga Teacher & Writing Coach Daphne Gordon


Karma Questions* is a chance to connect mind and body through a gentle practice that combines yoga poses with writing prompts. Using movement, breath and sound along with pen-and-notebook reflection, we will listen in to the truth that exists beneath the buzz of daily life.READ MORE


The COCOLILY Social is a one-day creative event for female entrepreneurs.

The heart & soul of the event is to unite, entertain and inspire like-minded entrepreneurial women.

Spend a day in Niagara Falls, filled with fabulous workshops, intimate tea talks, motivational sparkle sessions, delicious food, conversations, coffee & cocktails!

The goal of the event is to come together as a community, build your tribe, to celebrate, dream, relax, collaborate, learn from each other and share experiences. This intimate and interactive environment has a relaxed anti-conference feel allowing for organic networking, building amazing connections and beautiful relationships.READ MORE

MAR 8 | We’re not Psycho, we’re Cyclical

Have you ever noticed how as soon as we’re given permission to talk about our menstrual cycles, the floodgates open? Every woman seems to have a story that she can’t wait to tell: She was embarrassed to be the first or last girl in her class to bleed. She spent her twenties feeling alienated from her body but believing that hormonal birth control was the only option. She spends half the month feeling anxious, moody, or on edge and can’t explain why. 

The way our culture dismisses, denigrates, and hushes up menstruation, it’s no surprise that when finally given an opportunity to talk openly and learn about our cycles, we can’t wait to share. But sharing is just the beginning of understanding the power of the period.READ MORE